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Our strongest and most valuable asset is our people. Our secret to retaining good people is the give them what they are looking for: the ability to earn a good living, job security, good benefits and the ability and flexibility to a have a personal quality of life.

We satisfy these desires by trying to put our drivers in their own beds in their own homes as often as possible. People who are happy in their personal lives bring that attitude to their jobs. Our employees are the core attribute in our success.

Our employees are the core attribute in our success.

More important than the equipment we run is the driver we hire and train to perform our services. Our human resource team tirelessly interviews potential applicants. They search to add honest employees who express a strong desire and commitment toward not only driving, but toward satisfying our customers’ needs. Once chosen applicants have accepted our offered employment, an extensive drivers training program begins.

Before a new employee can begin driving for Diversified Automotive they are required to participate in learning activities, which will assist them in all aspects of their employment. Individually their training needs are incorporated with recognizing the goals and objectives of DAI. Matching our training activities to the employees needs is as important to us as servicing our customers. Our management staff continuously evaluates the program’s effectiveness while monitoring the potential for program improvements.

Loading and unloading schools are conducted on site at our Boston facility. A safety manager incorporates personal and driving safety into this program. Retraining is conducted for current employees who may have a need for re-enforcement due to road accidents or cargo damage. Driver awareness programs are made available to our drivers and are conducted at least annually. The new driver is now ready to begin on-the-job training.

Every new driver, upon successful completion of our on site program, is teamed with a driver who has training experience. Over-the-road training continues for approximately two months where the candidate has opportunities to display their skills in driving, loading, unloading and communicating. A full month’s progress is evaluated before a candidate is assigned his or her own truck.

Diversified Automotive, Inc. provides uniforms, cover-all and a cap for all of its drivers. Our goal and objectives include providing an environment in which our employees and customers will both be proud to be associated. A professional, friendly driver who smiles and displays courteous manners is our goal.