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Dealer Storage

At our 81-Acre Massport site in Charlestown, MA, DAI offers local automobile dealers a secure, spacious facility to store their inventory. With space in the Boston area at a premium, DAI offers a full service solution for our local dealers. As first point of rest for car carriers servicing these dealers, DAI performs the necessary vehicle inspections on behalf of the dealers that we supply storage for. Once vehicles are inspected, they are entered into our port storage database. This information is available to our customers through an online web portal. Dealers can request vehicles to be staged for pickup through the web portal. Dealers can have Diversified handle transportation or can send drivers or trucks in to remove units from the facility. All paperwork is verified at security before vehicles are allowed to exit the facility.

For information on pricing and details of the program, please contact our offices at 800-666-9007.

DAI is always looking for new opportunities to utilize our space in Charlestown. In addition to dealer storage, we also offer limited truck parking, daily rate bus parking, and other miscellaneous services. Please contact our offices for more information.