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Diversified Automotive offers a complete vehicle export service for shipping lines that wish to export vehicles to global markets. Our current customers service the West Africa ports from our 81 acre facility located in Boston. Our services include receiving POV’s and High/Heavy units and storing these vehicles within our secured facility until a vessel arrives at our port. We use state of the art handheld computers to provide our customers with instant access to vehicle delivery to our port. We process the documentation through the Customs and Border Protection approval process. When the shipping line vessel calls our port, we drive the vehicles from the inventory location to the facility berth where the vehicles are loaded by the ILA stevedores.

We provide our shipping lines customers with a Web Portal for data access where they are able to monitor their vehicles throughout the vehicle activity cycle. Our customers are able to provide their customers with real time information concerning the status of their vehicles.

For more information about this service please contact our Vehicle Export Office at 617-242-2300 x1127.