Diversified Auto History

Diversified Automotive, Inc (DAI) is the premiere auto shipping and processing supplier in the U.S. Northeast, with decades of dealer and retail service experience and a record of safety and professionalism. Located in historic Charlestown, Massachusetts, in the Port of Boston, we operate Boston Autoport, an 80-acre facility on Boston Harbor with deep water access.

Our senior management has been in the vehicle processing and automobile transportation business for over thirty-five years.

Since 1985 DAI’s management team has been responsible for all aspects of port operations and vehicle transport for Subaru Distributors Corp., an affiliate company of DAI. Our responsibilities include all aspects of transporting Subaru vehicles to all Subaru dealers throughout New York State and the northern ten counties of New Jersey.


In 1988, DAI was formally incorporated with Dennis Kraez as the president and Chief Operating Officer. DAI contracted with Subaru Distributors Corp. (SDC) to handle all aspects of vehicle processing through the Port of Boston, and the transporting of SDC’s vehicles to its dealers in New York and New Jersey. DAI maintains a fleet of more than 200 tractor-trailer car carriers with a portion of the fleet assigned to the transporting of these vehicles. DAI’s vehicle processing responsibilities at the Boston Autoport include vehicle load make-up (based on each vehicle’s destination for most efficient delivery), damage survey, accessorization of vehicles, load bay assembly, fueling of vehicles, Monroney label application and direct processing of all dealer damage claims.

To date DAI is still performing these services for a volume of over 600,000 vehicles. DAI leases and operates a facility located on 80 acres of land in Charlestown, MA and is currently looking for other import accounts who desire a northeast distribution point. The Port of Boston has many advantages over other northeast ports. Of these many advantages first and foremost is the flexibility we have being a non-union company without restrictive work rules and a very productive workforce.

In October of 1996, we began servicing Nissan of North America through its dealer direct program with CSX transportation from both the Selkirk, NY and the Framingham, MA rail facilities. Nissan reestablished it’s logistics control in 2000 and DAI maintained only the traffic from Selkirk, NY. In April 2003 we were once again awarded the contract in Framingham, MA. At each of these facilities, DAI employs an inspection staff to inspect vehicles once grounded for any exceptions that may occur. Our inspectors are hands on to assist our drivers in expediting the timely delivery of the vehicles to the customer’s dealers.

DAI also delivers many manufacturers’ vehicles to New England dealers originating from the Port of Newark as well as the Port of Baltimore. Both Fleet-Car Carriers and Bavarian Motors Transport (BMW) utilize our services to deliver freight from these origins. Product delivered from these two ports includes Isuzu, Honda and Mitsubishi. We are currently contracted with Mercedes to move their product from Baltimore, MD to their dealers throughout the 5 New England states. In times of heavy volume we have assisted Glovis of America with product originating from Baltimore, MD and Selkirk, NY. Beginning January 2006, Diversified has been awarded a 31,000-vehicle contract with Glovis for vehicles originating in Elizabeth, NY destined for New England and Upper state New York.

We service a number of manufacturers from the rail facility located in Spencer, MA. Our customers include Subaru of America, American Suzuki Motors Corp., Hyundai Motor America and Mitsubishi Motors of America as well as Nissan North America and Mercedes Benz of America. We also operate from the Selkirk, NY rail facility. At this site we service Nissan North America and Hyundai Motor America.

Since its incorporation, DAI has aggressively pursued other automotive processing and transporting business. As a result, DAI now performs vehicle transportation services for over ten national accounts and others. We add and purchase trucks with the full intention of pursuing other opportunities in the northeast market. Our goal is to become the premier carrier for all customers who distribute from the Selkirk, NY and the Spencer, MA rail terminals as well as other regional ports of entry. DAI transported in excess of 600,000 vehicles during calendar year 2012 and we will surpass these totals in the coming years.


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