Diversified Automotive boasts an industry leading Electronic Proof Of Delivery (EPOD) system.

Our custom designed dispatch system partnered with a mobile handheld device is essential equipment for every driver in every truck.

This unique and powerful production tool captures real time data to assist us in delivering premium service to your dealers. We are the only finished vehicle transport company in the industry that captures damages, records the dealer’s signature and prints a delivery ticket at the point of delivery. Our service level continues with an EPOD by email to record every delivery transaction to any of your chosen associates.

Custom Designed Dispatch Program

• Work in process by facility/manufacturer
• VIN level detail for load building/driver assignment
• Loads built/assigned by facility
• Loads in route by driver
• Load details window
• Delivery and Inspection information
• VIN level vehicle detail
• VIN level inspection history
• Variety of views to meet dispatch needs
• View by Origin facility or Origin type
• View by Manufacturer
• Color coding draw attention to aging units and priority units
• Purple, Red, & Blue define the vehicle age
• Green to denote units that are priority from customer
• Sortable by availability date

Mobile Data Reporting

Our integrated technology solutions provide:
• Mobile computers
• Barcode Scanners
• Real Time Pickup and Delivery
• Damage Reporting
• Signature Capture
• Capture Damage Image
• On Demand Delivery Receipts


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